MirorCore Health Wellness

About MirorCore

MirorCore   products are a unique, proprietary blend of amazing essential plant   oils that work ‘wonders’ from first aid to sanitizing food, cleaning   your home…and maintaining wellness! Remember this…Miror means  ‘wonder’.  


MirorCore products recognize the good cells in and on our  bodies and begin working to regenerate and rejuvenate them while  breaking down and destroying the debris of every bad cell they come in  contact with.  

Overview of Science

 Our  science involves a new way of looking at the building blocks of life  and a new way of thinking about how living organisms are affected by  various elements in the environment.  Our new approach involves novel  ways of enhancing, controlling and manipulating the building blocks of  cells for positive and predictable results.   

MIROR EPF™ Science

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